As an all-new subcompact SUV, the Nissan Kicks comes with an exciting range of interior and exterior accessories. Hopkinsville drivers can streamline their vehicles to perfectly suit their preferences, personalities, and their lifestyles. At Sisk Nissan, we're excited to share information on the many impressive additions that the Nissan Kicks can include.

Stay Connected With Nissan Wi-Fi

Drivers and their passengers can keep their devices connected with Nissan Wi-Fi. Available in reasonably priced 5 GB or 1 GB plans, this system can serve as many as five Wi-Fi enabled devices at once. Among some of the applications that Nissan Wi-Fi includes are Speed Tracker, Geo Zone Alerts, Find My Car, and Parental Controls.

Give Your Vehicle A Modern, Edgy Look With Ground Lighting

?External ground lighting provides increased illumination and a greater sense of security. Positioned between the front and rear tires, these lights brighten up the areas just under your vehicle and around it. You'll be able to see better when approaching your car during nighttime hours. Moreover, your Nissan Kicks will have a modern and decidedly edgy look whenever these lights are engaged. To test drive the Nissan Kicks, visit Sisk Nissan.


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