Find out how to Test Your Vehicle's Battery

Do you know how to test your vehicle's battery? If not, we can help at Sisk Nissan. The only way to determine if your vehicle's battery is good or bad is to test it. Remember to wear protective gloves and googles before you test your battery, which will protect your eyes and hands from acid.

Before you test your car's battery, be sure that the ignition and lights are off, and connect the positive (red) voltmeter to your battery's positive terminal first. Next, connect the negative (black) voltmeter to the battery's negative terminal.

Remove the negative terminal first, and if the terminals are hard to remove, then use a battery terminal puller to get them off without causing damage. Clean off the posts and terminals with a battery terminal cleaning tool, and you can also use a battery cleaning solution if needed. If your battery's reading is under 12.0 volts, then it needs to be replaced.


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