Virtually every system in your vehicle is dependent on the proper function of a belt or hose of some kind. Frequently both types of components are required to make a working system. Hoses Carry fluids that lubricate moving parts or operate systems using pressure while belts transfer power from one system to another and keep everything running in sync.

How Do I Know If a Hose or Belt Needs to Be Changed?

Visible wear, Cracking and discoloration may be signs that a hose or belt needs to be replaced. Your automobile manufacturer may have laid out a planned replacement schedule for certain components. Following that schedule will keep your vehicle operating in perfect form.

Where Can I Go for Help?

?If you feel it’s time to change a belt, or an inspection would give you peace of mind, visit the maintenance department at Sisk Nissan. They have the knowledge and parts needed to keep your car running right.


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