Driving during the winter months can sometimes be tricky if you don't have the correct type of tires on your car. Sisk Nissan can show you the different tread designs that make winter tires better for navigating snow and ice compared to all-season tires so that you can make the best decision for where you're traveling.

All-season tires are designed so that they can navigate almost any kind of road condition. When you're driving in Hopkinsville, the tires often result in a ride that is quiet and smooth as there are not as many detailed grooves in the tires as there are in those made for driving in winter weather.

If you're going to be driving in snowy conditions all winter, then you might want to consider the advantage of edges that bite into the snow and ice that winter tires deliver. The rubber on these tires is a bit thicker as well, allowing for more grip on snow-covered roads.


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